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    We connect decision makers to rich and dynamic non-financial risk insights on public and private firms in a wide range of industries, using our AI-driven KeyStone Compact platforms. Servicing both buy-side and sell-side financial firms, as well as municipal and federal clients in the government sector, we operate a suite of modular desktop and API products that transform non-financial data derived from a wide range of social media and other sources into actionable signals.

    Why Non-Financial Data?

    In both entrepreneurial and larger companies, analysts agree too much time is spent focusing on the desired financial performance target, rather than on the inputs and indicators that drive those numbers. Because boards, investors and management demand an objective way to measure performance, we often go right to the result without focusing on what caused the financial results.

    Our Story

    The company was founded in 2014, based on empirical research from over 600 companies across the business lifecycle. We set out to understand the tacit knowledge gained by entrepreneurs, investors and strategic managers as they evolve professionally to build value and investment momentum for their companies. The KeyStone Compact suite of tools codifies and learns from this tacit (non-financial) knowledge, with company stage, geographic region and industry sector granularity.

    Work with Us

    We offer end-to-end macro- and microeconomic services around industry ecosystem analysis, algorithmic non-financial assessment of investment grade, asset allocation strategies, and blended finance fund designs. For more, check our YouTube Channel.

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  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    Public and private companies analyzed

    Over $750M.

    Financing raised by top startups


    Industry sectors targeted


    Economic clusters/countries exposed


    KeyStone analysts trained


    Multi-Asset Renewal Funds Designed

  • Our Products

    Macro- and Micro-Economic Tools and Insights at your Fingertips

    Economic Signaling

    Industry Dynamics

    Using lagging and leading indicators, we help you design precision economic investment strategies. Understand and leverage key assets in your region or company for industrial renewal, and job creation.


    Risk Analytics

    Stress Testing

    Value capture and investment grade for companies across many investment domains. Identify critical success factors for leveraged debt, equity, or creative financing.


    Check out our app at a.keystonecompact.com


    For a free demo, contact us info@keystonecompact.com

    Asset allocation & Portfolio Design

    We work with our clients to optimize company benchmarks, design multi-asset funds, and asset allocation strategies customized to your investment objectives and risk:return profile.

  • Our Platform Tools

    Algorithmic Assessment of Non-Financial (Forward-Looking) Risk Metrics

    Value Capture Position

    Industry view of the firm

    How can the assets of the company be leveraged in the industry ecosystem or value chain where the company seeks to innovate or capture market value? Differentiation of the company's assets, and dependencies relative to other actors in the value chain are key.

    Investment Grade - Emerging Firms

    Investor view of the firm

    Given the value capture position, what is the investment opportunity in the company: bootstrap, non-equity, or equity investment models? Upside potential, and time-value of capital to achieve scale are key.

    Investment Potential - Corporations

    Strategic view of the firm

    For large corporates, given the position of the company in the industry, the grade of the new line of business ranges from opportunistic or competitive to more aggressive market entries marked by strategic or expansional investments.

  • Project Highlights

    Breakthrough Work Supporting our Client Services

    New! Multi-Asset Renewal Funds

    The design of industry ecosystem investment funds for Finnish, Swiss, Taiwan, and Canadian clients integrates financial network maps with KeyStone-driven asset allocation strategies.


    For more detail, see link.

    Advancing Financial Technology Tools

    With support from the Finnish Innovation fund, new financial technologies were integrated to drive green industrial renewal by leveraging and revaluing corporate LOBs, SMEs and startup company assets.


    To access the document please see free download.

    Financial Mapping of New Industries

    Since 2013, we have collaborated with UM-SMART and Ford on its transition from an automobile manufacturer to a consumer electronics firm. Financial network mapping and KeyStone Compact analysis help identify white spaces for corporate investment and leverage.


    For more on Ford Smart Mobility, see link. For more on UM-SMART, see link.

    Deploying Global Green Value Chains

    Our partner in CleanTech,  the GCCA comprises 52 economic development clusters in 27 countries, with nearly 10,000 companies. KeyStone Compact analysis supports annual global competitions and investment benchmarks.

    Strategies for US Industrial Renewal

    Since 2014, we have worked with the AJP (funded by the JPB Foundation, New York) to design strategic investment approaches for greening economies by leveraging in-state assets.


    For more on AJP, see link.

  • News and Media

    Switzerland Launches First Multi-Asset Renewal Fund

    Zurich, Switzerland (2016). The world's first Multi-Asset Renewal Fund (MARF) program is being developed in Finland since December 2013, in close collaboration with the KeyStone Compact Group (KCG) and the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA). The progress and success of the Finnish MARF program now leverages its learnings outside Finland. For more, see link

    KeyStone Compact Group Multi-Asset Industrial Renewal Funds Showcase at Global Summit

    Little Rock, AR (2016). The KeyStone Compact tools will be showcased at the Global Solutions Summit themed: “Daunting Challenges and Dazzling Opportunities: Scaleable Technology Deployment for Sustainable Development.” Co-organized by the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA), the P80 Group Foundation (P80), and the Global Technology Deployment Initiative (GTDI) on December 13-14, 2016 at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.  For more, see link.

    Finland Courts Pension Funds With Smart Multi-Asset Portfolio

    San Francisco, USA (2015). There is a need for alternative investment vehicles for large funds, that allow them to invest in a portfolio of growth companies in emerging industries. Finland is tackling this challenge head on, building a multi-asset Industrial Renewal Fund, featuring three growth portfolios: smart grid and utility infrastructure innovation, electric mobility and bio based chemistries. For more, see link.

    KeyStone Compact Group Investment Typology Assessment Tools Central to Design of Multi-Asset Funds for Industrial Renewal

    Boston, USA (2015). Financial innovation project at Research Institute of Finnish Economy leads to new investment vehicles to connect pension funds with regional economic development. For more, see link.

  • Our Team




    Entrepreneur with 20+ years global experience in green technology, business model and financial innovation. Inventor of the KeyStone Compact suite of tools. Professor at the University of Michigan, co-founder of Equarius Risk Analytics, a fintech firm focused on water, and the Global CleanTech Cluster Association.

    VP Sales - Econ. Dev. & Inst. Investors


    Entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in Switzerland and US. Founder of the Flyer electric bike, co-founder of swisscleantech, and the Global CleanTech Cluster Association. Board member of the Global Technology Deployment Initiative (GTDI), and the P80 Foundation - a pension fund group.

    VP Product Development


    Entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in energy storage, public and private equity analysis, and cybersecurity. Work history at Dassault Aviation (France), Fives (France), Hudson & Yorke (London), and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Finland).

    VP Financial Network Analytics


    Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in industry foresight and economic analysis, growth finance and technology transfer. Work history at Stanford University (US), Research Institute for the Finnish Economy, and Oraklon. Co-author of 'Financial Technology for Industrial Renewal'.

  • Our Partners

    Excellence from Product Development to Deployment

    Global CleanTech Cluster Assn.

    Channel Partner

    The GCCA builds out green value systems by connecting economic development clusters globally. The D-hub platform facilitates deal sourcing between corporates and startups. GCCA companies are assessed using KeyStone tools.

    Crowd Valley

    Digital Back Office Fund Management

    The digital back office for lending and investing, we have selected this San Francisco startup to facilitate the operations of the Multi-Asset Renewal Funds

    Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)


    Funded through the Finnish Fund for Innovation, ETLA employed KeyStone tools to assess hundreds of companies in over 15 industry sectors.

    Center for VC/PE Finance - University of Michigan (US)

    Development Partner - Training and Validation

    The Center partners with KCG on development of KeyStone Compact training materials, learning algorithms and diffusion of the tools to the investor practitioner community.

    Nordic Innovation Accelerator (NIA, Finland)

    Development Partner and Client

    A partner for deployment of Corporate - Emerging business KeyStone tools and design of hyper-customized funds for industrial renewal at the company-ecosystem level.

    UM Venture Center


    U-M Tech Transfer’s Venture Center is the one-stop hub for entrepreneurs and venture firms looking for U-M start-up opportunities. We are benchmarking company risk profiles using KeyStone Compact tools.

    Swiss Federal Office of Energy


    The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is the country's competence centre for issues relating to energy supply and energy use at the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).



    A collaboration between the UM smart mobility office and Ford, we provide financial network and KeyStone analysis of the emerging smart mobility industry using KeyStone Emerging and KeyStone Enterprise..

    Right Brain Networks

    IT Development Partner

    Our cloud strategy and software architecture is designed in collaboration with RBN, an Ann Arbor company.

    Green Trade Office (Taiwan)


    A partner for deployment of KeyStone tools and design of multi-asset renewal funds in emerging sectors of the Taiwanese economy.

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