Investability and Growth Management for Innovative Firms

Innovation is the driver for value creation and job growth in entrepreneurial economies.  While at the strategic level, innovation is treated the same in cash-flow generating (bootstrapped or mature) firms and valuation-driven entrepreneurial firms (traditional equity or patient equity capital invested), the execution of innovation is distinctly different.  

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Our team and tools provide insights, strategic guidance for value capture and investability for companies across the business lifecycle, from early stage startups, to later stage growth management and corporations seeking to execute in new markets.   

The KeyStone Compact Assessments and Scores can be repackaged to suit your needs.  We count accelerators, corporate strategists, investors, economic developers or portfolio managers among our clients.

Since 2010, we have engaged economic development groups in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and the Americas through our partnership with the Global CleanTech Cluster Association, the Asia Development Bank, CleanTech Scandinavia, and the Finnish Economic Research Institute.  To date, nearly 2,000 global companies have used the tool and obtained their KeyStone Score.  Corporate clients include the Ford Motor Company, NASA and accounting firms.

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